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Once Upon a Time in America – The Background Story of Cable TV

The original offshoot that was later to be developed into the full-blown cable TV system started in the deep, mountainous heartland of Pennsylvania. This was way back in 1948, and the invention still in its cradle was then known as CATV- Community Antenna Television.

This early prototype, the CATV, was invented by television pioneers Joh Read more…

Moving – Organizing For A Stress-Free Day

To help organize things to run as smoothly as possible, read on for tips on how to organize the best possible moving day. So you have bought the house that will accommodate all your needs, now it is only a matter of relocating your family and all your stuff. Believe it or not, simply transporting the belongings you have had for years can be eve Read more…

25 Ways to Boost Your Website Content

Why Beef Up Your Content?

Many small-business owners believe their websites already contain all the content they need. They’ve got contact information, company profile, and a list of products or services. Great right? … Great start. But everyone else has the same information on their site!

25 W Read more…

3 Mysteries Surround Betsy Ross

Do you know what the mysteries are that surround Betsy Ross? How many times was she married? How many children did she have? How many times was she buried? If you have answered yes or no, read on.

What are the mysteries that surround Betsy Ross?

Elizabeth Griscom was born on January 1, 1752. She was born the eighth of seventeen ch Read more…