Building An Empire Realty, Inc.

BAE Realty & Investment Services  is a full-service licensed Real Estate Brokerage, offering services in sales, rentals, and investments for the Greater Philadelphia Area and surrounding counties. Comprised of knowledgeable and hard-working agents, we care and value our clients unique search for a home. We help our clients achieve their optimal investment strategies, With over 50 collective years of firsthand real estate experience, and relationships with veteran landlords, investors and first time home buyers, We make the process of finding or listing a place as smooth and transparent as it should be.

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BAE Realty & Investment Services is a full-service licensed real estate brokerage, offering services in sales, rentals and investments in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding counties. We are a team of knowledgeable, hard-working agents that care and value our clients and help them achieve their real estate goals by applying our collective 50+ years of firsthand real estate experience, we make the process of finding or listing a property as smooth and transparent as it should be.

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